Kitting. The total electronics solution.

Nitronics Ltd is an independent electronic component supplier established in 1985. Over the years we have experienced the many dynamic changes and varying market demands placed on the component supply chain.

We have adapted to our customers requirements during this period of time whether this has been in times of product allocation or flooded markets and as an independent company Nitronics Ltd is perfectly positioned to handle these challenging and ever changing demands.

Nitronics Ltd has been involved in component kitting since the late eighty’s and during this time has made major investments into bespoke computer software and developed strong working relationships with our suppliers to support our kitting activity. This has allowed us to become more streamlined and efficient so that reductions in costs can be passed onto our customers as well as having the versatility to tailor to their individual specific requirements.

During the recent difficult period of economic downturn, customers looked seriously at reducing their costs and some made the decision to return to purchasing the components directly rather than opting for the complete solution that kitting offers. However, after further evaluation many of these customers now realise that the total solution is in fact more cost effective. Nitronics customers can be confident that the total material procurement is handled and delivered on time, directly to line.

The extent to which the customer wants to involve us may vary, but in 95% of cases we handle the project from PCB to total component supply. Some of our customers require the product to be an assembled PCB which we can accommodate within our project management handling.

What are the advantages of Kitting with Nitronics Ltd?

  • Total component requirement supplied to the B.O.M.
  • 100% full inspection of components prior to despatch
  • Single delivery of materials to enable planned manufacturing
  • 100% full traceability of components to source
  • Worldwide Component Sourcing
  • Significant cost reduction to customer manpower in procurement/order progress, goods-in/inspection and purchase ledger activities.
  • One delivery note/invoice reduces numerous delivery charges

Many of these costs are unseen or overlooked but they can considerably affect the profitability of our customers business.

Nitronics believes in establishing long-term relationships with its customers working with an open book partnership policy, to the mutual benefit of both parties. We also have a dedicated team of experienced project managers who see the contract through from conception to completion. A major emphasis is placed on this as it is seen as a continuing relationship- strengthening process.

Nitronics Ltd is proud of the close working relationships it has built with its customers and the many cost saving benefits that we can offer them.

Take a look at our kitting process.

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