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Nitronics Ltd
Kitting &
PCB Assembly

With over 30 years’ experience, Nitronics Ltd is one of the industry’s leading and most
knowledgeable supply chain management providers.

About us

Nitronics always strives to form strong partnerships with its customers and our major objective is to obtain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each individual client’s requirements so that we can offer a totally personalised service.  



We pride ourselves in delivering a proven service that enables OEMs and CEMs to outsource their entire component supply process. More...

about nitronics

About Us

Founded in 1985 as an independent distributor, Nitronics is proud to offer a kitting & PCB Assembly service, tailored to meet the diverse and individual needs of its customers. More...

why nitronics

Why us

Our kitting service can help to increase performance. Some of the key elements to be considered include cost savings, improved cash flow and the possibility of reducing leadtimes. More...