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About us

Founded in 1985 as an independent distributor, Nitronics is proud to offer a kitting & PCB assembly service, tailored to meet the diverse and individual needs of its customers.

Nitronics always strives to form strong partnerships with its customers and our major objective is to obtain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each individual client’s requirements so that we can offer a totally personalised service.

Utilising the combination of extensive knowledge and experience of our team, Nitronics provides the gateway to sourcing – from the latest technology through to allocated and obsolete products.

Nitronics is at the leading edge of electronic component kitting and total project management which enables us to offer a range of services to fulfil our customers’ specific needs.

We are able to offer JITS, KANBAN and STL to meet all demands. Nitronics can also offer extensive buffer stock holding and reserved allocations against scheduled orders.

Nitronics continues to invest in state-of-the-art custom computer software to ensure that we can meet the ever changing demands of the electronics industry we serve.

Nitronics holds ISO 9001:2015 and our quality control systems offer our customers 100% traceability down to individual component level.