Electronic Component Sourcing

Nitronics has been sourcing hard to find electronic components for the last 37 years, we have a proven, tried and tested robust supply chain purchasing millions of components a year.  We have worked extremely hard to determine the good from the bad sources over this period and are confident we offer you the Total Solution to sourcing all your hard-to-find components.

Why use Nitronics for your components:

  • Strict Supplier Qualification system
  • We purchase only from Approved Vendors
  • Goods received undergo stringent quality control and inspection, ensuring no non-conforming  parts reach your production line
  • Component Testing
  • Re-packaging
  • Programming and Tape & Reeling service available
  • We manage the complete purchasing process, including customs clearance and currency fluctuations

Paired with our Total Solution Kitting service we are able to keep any production line going, regardless of if you are an OEM looking for a full turnkey solution or a CEM looking for full kitting or Line by Line – we have it covered.

We currently have 3,186,962 Parts in stock for resale, all parts have full traceability and are RoHs Compliant. Our stock has been purchased either direct from the manufacturer or franchised distribution. If you’re looking for stock, we could well have the part you require on the shelf.

Or friendly and talented staff are always here to help with your electronic components sourcing requirements, and nothing is too much trouble.


Our Commitment

  • On Time Delivery
  • Only Supply New Un-Used Stock
  • Full Traceability Where Possible
  • Stock Holding and Schedule Orders
  • Last Time Buys and Protected Stock Agreements

Using this service in addition with our Electronics Component Kitting Service gives you the Total Solution to getting your product built and on time.  We supply all components machine ready to your specific leader and packaging requirement.

Electronic Components Kitting