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Pre-production kitting for Prototyping, NPI and Production volume of Electronic Components and Electromechanical is the basis of all electronic builds. Nitronics component kitting service offers the industry’s leading supply chain management, device preparation and total kitting services.

Before a product can be built in almost all cases a preproduction kit is required, we prepare all of the elements needed to build your product: Electronic Components, PCB, Encasement – Metal or Plastic, Wiring Looms and Microprocessor Programming. We ensure that all parts are inspected, and no further checking is required, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the build. Wherever possible Nitronics applies a lean discipline ensuring we are not only cost effective but also environmentally conscious.

Nitronics’ service is second to none and delivers a proven facility that enables OEMs and CEMs to outsource their entire purchasing, dramatically reducing their vendor base and total cost of procurement. Following our thorough inspection procedures and using our component management software, all your required components are labeled, prepared, bar-coded if required and line ready. The headaches and associated costs of inventory and supply chain management during new product introductions (NPI) – as well as throughout the product’s lifecycle are removed.


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Electronic Components Sourcing & electronic component Kittingelectronic components UK Electronic Components Sourcing & electronic component Kitting

Key Reasons to Pre-Production Kit with Nitronics:

  • Component Supply – we only supply what is on your BOM, strictly sticking to the manufacturer’s part numbers specified. (Unless advised the BOM is unlocked).
  • Vendor Reduction – we will deal with all the required suppliers reducing your workload, paperwork, accounts time and transport costs.
  • Electronic Component Preparation – we prepare all Surface Mount Components (SMD) ready for Pick and Place machines, supplying the correct amount of attrition. Our trained staff can splice tapes, add empty leader pockets and re-reel reducing the associated costs of wastage.

Electronic Components Sourcing & UK Kitting Supplier Services from Nitronics. UK supplier of electronic components.

  • Preprograming Devices – Loading the firmware prior to component placement can save a huge amount of cost and time in final assembly of the product.
  • Scheduling Deliveries – we will accept orders on a 12 month call off allowing you to keep control of your cashflow. We can split the technology of the product supply between the less expensive Surface mount devices up front and the more expensive through hole conventional parts just in time (JIT).
  • We are a flexible supplier and are happy to review any proposal you may have or require.
  • We have been in business for over 37 years and are a reliable, committed, and honest company.

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