Electronics / Electrical Box Build

Using Nitronics to finish your product gives you an extension of your business without the overheads, it could be as simple as screwing a PCB into an enclosure or a highly complex mechanical process.

Building products in house can be costly and time consuming, the inherent cost of staff and space is huge factor that needs to be considered when building products. Outsourcing your final product assembly to Nitronics who have the experience and trained staff is a logical step in making sure your product is built on time and working.

Our Box Build service extends to final product testing, packaging, storage and distribution. Paired with our component supply and managed manufacturing service we are able to offer a tailor made end to end solution for your product. We are not limited by volume or technology and we are happy to offer this service to customers big or small.

We have our own network for transport solutions for local deliveries and agreements in place with world wide shipping agents so we can deliver your product anywhere in the world.

To get started with your electrical box build assembly, why not get in touch and see how we can help?  We have representatives in both the North and the South of the U.K. who are more than happy to help with your requirement and look after you.

Box Build Electronics Electrical Solutions UK box build service

Our box build manufacturing services:

  • Cables / Wiring Looms / Harnesses
  • Front Panels
  • Mounting PCB’s
  • Complex Mechanical Assembles
  • Box Build Testing and Packaging
  • logistics
  • Warehousing
  • 3PL

Using this box build assembly service in addition with our PCBA gives you the Total Solution to getting your product built and allowing you to focus on other areas of business aside from production. Nitronics offer you the solution to reduce vendors, reduce paperwork and reduce true costs to your business. Let our purchasing team deal with the acquisition of all required materials and our production facilities will assemble your product to your exacting standard at amazing value and at all times allowing you to be in control.