Our New Factory Move to Accommodate Growth


As a business, growth is always an exciting prospect. It signifies progress and success, and it often comes with the need for new infrastructure and facilities. Recently, Nitronics embarked on a new warehouse move to accommodate our expanding operations. Our previous facility, which served us well for over 20 years, was 4500 square feet. However, as our business has grown over recent years, we found ourselves in need of a larger space. Our new warehouse is a whopping 10,000 square feet, with the potential to expand further to 18,000 square feet with the addition of another mezzanine floor. We wanted to share the story of our warehouse move and how it has paved the way for our business’s continued growth.


Finding the Right Space:

When we realized that our existing facility was no longer sufficient to support our growing business, we embarked on a search for a new space that could meet our needs. After careful consideration and evaluation of various options, we finally found a Factory that ticked all the boxes. The new Factory was strategically located in a prime industrial area, with easy access to transportation routes and close proximity to our suppliers and customers. It had ample space for our current inventory and operations, as well as room for future expansion. The decision was made, and we were ready to make the move.


Preparing for the Move:

Relocating a Factory is a complex process that requires careful planning and organization. We formed a dedicated team to oversee the move, consisting of representatives from different departments within our organization, including logistics, operations, and IT. This team worked together to create a detailed plan, which included timelines, budgets, and resources needed for the move. We also communicated with our staff and ensured that everyone was on board with the move and understood their roles and responsibilities.


The Move:

Moving a Factory is no small feat. It requires careful coordination and execution to minimize disruption to operations. We worked closely with a professional moving company that had experience in warehouse relocations. They provided us with expertise and resources, including packing materials, equipment, and manpower, to ensure a smooth transition. We carefully packed and labelled all our inventory and equipment, and the moving company transported them to the new warehouse using a coordinated schedule, consisting of 18 Lorry loads. Once the items arrived at the new warehouse, we unpacked and organized them according to our predetermined plan, ensuring that everything was in its designated place.


Settling into the New Warehouse:

Moving into a new warehouse was not just about physically transferring our inventory and equipment. It also required us to adapt to the new space and make necessary adjustments to our operations. We worked closely with our operations team to optimize the layout of the warehouse for efficient workflow. We also installed new racking systems, shelving and a dedicated kitting room which will soon have our new Baking and Sealing machines.
Kitting room will also be temperature controlled to ensure long term component integrity.
Further to this we will also be creating a R&D Workshop to enable us to build and production proof prototypes in house. This will build on our growing list of equipment we have for cable assemblies which already includes Auto Cut and Strip, Automated taping, an array of Crimping Machines and press’s, Mini Applicators for Molex, JST, Delphi and Amp / Tyco.
there is also the potential for expansion with a further mezzanine floor. This additional space would allow us to further increase our inventory capacity and meet future growth demands.


Benefits of the New Warehouse Move:

The new warehouse move has brought about several significant benefits for our business. The increased square footage has allowed us to stock more inventory, expand our operations, and better serve our customers. The strategic location of the new warehouse has improved our transportation efficiency and reduced delivery times, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction. The potential for future expansion with a further mezzanine floor gives us the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and continue our growth trajectory without needing to relocate again in the near future.

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